Kevan Loy

Kevan Loy

Kevan has spent his career at startups at various stages from pre-series A, through fast paced growth, to IPOs and beyond. He has a knack for sussing out the real problems of internal and external customers, process inefficiencies and building highly collaborative and accountable teams.

Kevan thrives in an environment that is perpetually shifting, somewhere he is constantly being as challenged to learn as he is to guide and teach.

He earns trust from teams and customers, which, to him, comes from true collaboration. This type of collaboration is built upon mutual understanding, strong opinions weakly held, resolved conflict and results.

He is as proficient in Nerd Tongue as he is fluent in CEO Speak, and believes that his job is as much storyteller as it is organizational sherpa.

Let’s see if we can change the world together.

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