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Posted on Jan. 1, 2013, 9:36 p.m.

So, you just read the title of the post, I know what you're thinking. Yes, dude, this is a New Years resolution post. Suck it.

After writing about the Kyle situation, I really felt like I was going down a path that would get me back on track creatively and take advantage of the time I've been allotted. "Hell, maybe I'll even shake something up," I naively thought. If you look, you'll notice there hasn't been anyting written since that post a few weeks ago.

So here are a few things I really want to accomplish this year:

  • Get my creative juices flowing again
    • Write three times a week
      • Doesn't matter what it is, could be posts here or pages of a script
        • I fully believe part of writing is reading others' work, so to that end, I'd like to read more (although I already ready quite a bit, so this maybe difficult)
    • Get back into doing my podcast
    • Get 1,000+ unique IPs to view a post here and/or download an episode of the podcast
  • Figure out where I want to guide the rutter of my ship over the next few years
    • I already know something I'd like to work on — _l∞l
    • Work
      • Find something which is truly fulfilling and worthwhile
    • Graduate school
      • Figure out what (if anything) I want to be more in debt over
  • And, of course, the obligitoray resolutions
    • Lose weight/get into shape
      • I've got some health issues going which are most likely hereditary, but still something that, if worked on now in my mid-twenties, shouldn't pose any real risk later in life
    • Stop doing things I know are bad for me
      • I've been "trying" for a long time, but I think I've finally got a handle on it. Today has been incredibly difficult (writing is almost as bad as drinking for me), but perhaps if this whole thing goes well I'll write about it so other people can use my experiences for their benefit

I stand a real chance of being able to accomplish the majority (if not all of these) goals. Truth be told, this is the first time I've set specific goals for myself in quite sometime. During college my goal was obvious and the immediate aftermath of college was strictly "find a job—any job—so you don't get evicted and or starve". Not all of my affairs are in order yet (I'm looking at you SallieMae/Chase/Federal Student Loans), but I'm certainly making progress.

I've got several people who are firmly in my corner and trying to do whatever they can to help. The attempt is more than I could ever even ask for, which is to say: thank you.

As you improve, we'll all improve

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