What I learned While Reading at the Park

One's ability to process, comprehend and make use of what he is reading is negatively proportional to the number of mostly naked women around him.

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Brad Gadberry's Martini FAQ

Store gin and vermouth at room temperature. If you find it takes you longer than a month to finish a bottle of vermouth, then either buy it in smaller bottles or drink more Martinis.

Ever since I started going to The Aviary and their super secret Office, I've wanted to get more into making cocktails and martinis. Great advise.

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11% of the U.S. Has an iPad

According to MacWorld, Apple sells one iPad for every 9 people in the U.S. That's a lot of iPads

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I Wake Up Disappointed Every time

I've been thinking a lot about what I ought to do with my life. I've had the feeling for a long time that I need to make a "dent in the universe" as Steve Jobs once said, but I haven't really figured out what the hell I supposed to be denting. I've banged up my proverbial fist trying to something going, but mostly nothing has happened ...

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