Twitter and ADN

Today I reached out to Mailbox (if you're not using it for your GMail account, you're crazy) and found it incredibly hard to fit what I wanted to say in Twitter's 140 character limit.

It really got me thinking about the experience of Twitter overall though: it's a spam-tastic, developer hating experience with unnecessarily terse conversations or forced (what I like to call) "dangling tweets" with ...

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And My Name is Death

The Childhood Camping Trip and the Story of Finn McCool

When I was child I went on a camping trip with my father. One night, the smoke rising from the crackling fire we'd built, my father swallowed a gulp of some blue wine cooler and said, "Son, I'm going to play this song and I want you to think about it." I told him that I would, but ...

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The Bloody Red Sun of Fantastic L.A. or By Different Means We Arrive at the Same End

I'm sitting in LAX wondering what, exactly, I'm heading back to Chicago for—I'm not pondering this because I fell in love with L.A. (quite the opposite actually, fuck this place). I'm thinking on my return because of my friends here in   hell   (I literally typed "hell" while thinking of typing L.A.), and no, it's not because I miss them (fuck ...

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Are We All On the Same Team

Kid President:

If life is a game, are we all on the same team? I'm on your team, you're on my team.

A while ago, while thinking something very similar to Kid President, I had an idea for a project to help recent graduates with student loans. I've been toying with whether or not to put it together because I think, using me as the test pilot ...

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Be It Resolved

So, you just read the title of the post, I know what you're thinking. Yes, dude, this is a New Years resolution post. Suck it.

After writing about the Kyle situation, I really felt like I was going down a path that would get me back on track creatively and take advantage of the time I've been allotted. "Hell, maybe I'll even shake something up," I naively ...

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Clap Hands

Lots of things have been in flux lately and, consequently, I haven't had the spare time to do a lot of the things I've been hoping to do for a long time—chiefly among them updating this blog with something everyday.

Part of the problem has been work. I've been taking on a lot of new projects, training people and solving problems (but, unfortunately, not solving the ...

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Racist Tweets

The prevalence of post-election racist tweets is not strictly a southern phenomenon as North Dakota (3.5), Utah (3.5) and Missouri (3) have very high LQs. Other states such as West Virginia, Oregon and Minnesota don't score as high but have a relatively higher number of hate tweets than their overall twitter usage would suggest.

It's sad that in 2012 this is still a problem.

↬ Gruber

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I Sent My Mom an Email to Ask Her Not to Vote for Romney

Lauren Ashley Bishop:

I just wanted to remind you that every single reason I am voting for Obama, I learned from you. I love you for all of them.

Wonderful letter at just the right time. Seriously, Mom, you're why I'm voting for Obama.

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I Played with Microsoft's Surface

It did about as much as I expected.

Update: @MS_SurfaceEvang and others on Twitter requested some more photos of the ad, so I took some on my way home the other day.

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The Jobs Zuckerberg Comparison or The Emotional Roller Coaster of Facebook's Stock

Investors’ love for Facebook drove interest in its IPO to extreme levels, and the same herd mentality is now working in reverse, said Chiagouris.

'Facebook’s stock price will eventually get to a point where its valuation is unrealistic,' he said. 'To turn that decline around, Facebook has to do a major move -- one would be to replace top management.'

While Mark Zuckerberg is clearly inventive, no one will ever ...

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