For few months now I have been working for a company doing process improvements and innovations. Not to toot my own horn, but things I've created have rolled out to the entire company already; I'm working on a presentation for next week that will, hopefully, have the same results.

I've been doing this more or less as an independent contractor. When my projects started showing real results it started getting tossed around that I would get scooped up to work with the company permanently.

Today was the day that my superiors were supposed to discuss the situation with the powers that be. The men I'd been working with were fairly confident they'd be able to do something for me. Unfortunately, after the meeting it came to my attention that they wouldn't be interested in creating a position for me, but that if I found something that was available in their current job offerings they'd be happy to oblige and employ me.

Initially upset, I decided to go ahead and see what, if anything, I would be able and interested in working on for the company full-time. However, after searching through the open positions it is apparent that there is nothing I can do for them.

All of this is to say I've realized something: I'm a round peg in a square hole. There's nothing for me at this company and, in all likelihood, there's not going to be anything for me anywhere else – the only hole I'm going to be able to fit in is the one I make for myself.

There's no open position for Denter of the Universe

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