Investors’ love for Facebook drove interest in its IPO to extreme levels, and the same herd mentality is now working in reverse, said Chiagouris.

'Facebook’s stock price will eventually get to a point where its valuation is unrealistic,' he said. 'To turn that decline around, Facebook has to do a major move -- one would be to replace top management.'

While Mark Zuckerberg is clearly inventive, no one will ever say that he is an effective businessman, Chiagouris said. The company needs to turn the reins over to people who are “adult” and not beholden to Zuckerberg, he added.

These comments about Zuckerberg remind me of what happened with Steve Jobs and his exile from Apple. I don't think that Zuckerberg is anywhere close to the visionary or businessman that Jobs was, but there certainly are some uncanny echos.

I think Facebook's stock decline is a reflection of the emotional roller coaster that is being a Facebook user. The, "Oh, shit yeah! This is awesome!" quickly fades into "Bleh, why am I still here?" as your Time Line fills up with nonsensical bullshit: people from your high school get pregnant, married or divorced for the 18th time, there's a literal fuck-ton of app requests (from those same high school asshats) the you couldn't care less about – oh, and don't forget, your grandma just friended you.

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