Kid President:

If life is a game, are we all on the same team? I'm on your team, you're on my team.

A while ago, while thinking something very similar to Kid President, I had an idea for a project to help recent graduates with student loans. I've been toying with whether or not to put it together because I think, using me as the test pilot, could bring unwanted and undue criticism. However—after watching the Kid President's new video—I feel compelled to get things moving because even if some people don't see us all playing for the same team, I do.

I'm big on thinking on the first three things that pop into my head and letting myself run with those and see where they take me. The first three problems I thought of regarding US collegiate education:

  1. The belief that education post-high school is a priviledge and not a right,
  2. Which (coupled with other factors) leads to exponentially increasing tuition costs,
  3. The fragile and volitile job market and economic climate in which one is forced to enter after graduation.

Unfortunately, we cannot attack any of the aforementioned problems while simultaneously solving the problem of the debt we've incurred and have little chance of repaying in any reasonable amount of time without substantial physical, mental and emotional struggle.

Nine times out of 10 treating the symptom (instead of the cause) is the wrong thing to do. At the moment, however, the debt my generation has on its shoulders is nothing short of crushing. Before taking on the larger goal of reforming the above problems, we have to get out from underneath this weight.

With us all on the same team, my project aims to do just that.

Stay tuned.

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