Today I reached out to Mailbox (if you're not using it for your GMail account, you're crazy) and found it incredibly hard to fit what I wanted to say in Twitter's 140 character limit.

It really got me thinking about the experience of Twitter overall though: it's a spam-tastic, developer hating experience with unnecessarily terse conversations or forced (what I like to call) "dangling tweets" with only a few characters and shitty data management all wrapped up with me in a cute package to be sold to advertisers.

Truthfully, I don't use either service as much as I did Twitter when I first jumped on in 2007, but when I do explore one now, I unequivocally prefer ADN through Riposte.

Better conversation, amazing developers with innovative apps, no spam, far superior data management and I'm not a product being sold.

ADN for the win.

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