It’s been almost three months since I purchased the 10.5” iPad Pro and said I was going to use it as my main computing device.

I’ve only opened my 2015 MBP a handful of times since I wrote that post. The prevailing need to do so was to access files on my external hard drive which can’t be directly mounted by the iPad1 and, unfortunately, isn’t connected to our home network.

I’d intended to keep the iPad for personal use only, but as I’ve grown more accustomed to working with it I’ve found myself pulling it out of my bag at work to either annotate documents, draw user flows and even take notes in interviews (for some reason I think it’s less intimidating for the candidate if I bring an iPad instead of a 15” MBP).

The one thing I have missed being able to do easily is watch baseball and work when I get home since you can’t easily set the iPad with keyboard up easily on your lap. This has had the nice consequence of doing less work when I get home, so perhaps it’s working out better for me anyhow.

Overall, I think the vast majority of people could switch to using an iPad as their daily driver. For personal user, it’s killer—portable (with optional cellular2), long battery and all the apps you could need. For work, I find myself wanting to use it more everyday.

I still want to have some separation of my personal data and mywork data. As the iPad still only supports one user (with the exception of some enterprise MDM solutions), I have some reluctance to dive in on the professional side.

If I’m wrong here, please let me know. I thought at one point you could use the Camera Connection Kit to mount external drives, but upon looking into that feature on the Pros/iOS 11, it seems to scan the whole connected drive for DCIM folders with images and only present image files in that folder for import. Bummer. ↩ I actually exchanged mine shortly after my first post because I got tired of running my iPhone battery down whenever I would use the iPad out and about. ↩︎

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