Yesterday marks two weeks since I left my previous employer to work on my own projects.

I, like lots of Product folks, am used to work in single to two week iterations, so despite the fact that I didn’t set firm goals for myself for this time bucket, I thought it felt post an update on my progress.


I’ve been hard at work creating some new features and planning even more. Here are some of the highlights along with some screenshots for you to enjoy:

We’re on track to cross 1k users sometime around the end of the month or early July.

While I’ve been away, my partners on this project have been working on securing some funding for us which would make this a dream come true.

Crossing my fingers because I do think we really have something here. 


I whole heartedly believe there is a market for technology like this. I’ve talked to enough people and bars to understand there is not just a desire for it, but a need.

That said, I believe part of making the technology a success is having proper POS integration to have a truly seamless experience. Naturally, due to the nature of their business, those vendors are notoriously tight with their API keys.

I’ve found another partner that I’m exploring integrations with which could allow me to get into multiple POS vendor systems simultaneously.

Other Ideas

While spending some time at Amanda’s family’s lake house a few hours outside of Toronto in Apsley, Ontario, I’ve still managed to have some time to think about other ideas and things I want to do and explore.

I’m particularly interested in Apple’s new SwiftUI framework and learning Swift. I’ve got a simple project in mind for an iMessage app, so I’m hoping to both learn Swift and have the app in the App Store by the end of the summer. Crossing my fingers that goes according to plan.

Along with that idea, I’ve had 15 others. Some are worth at least exploring more, some others maybe not so much (that’s the beauty of brainstorming right?). However, it felt wonderful to have the freedom to think about them at all.


Despite some prodding and serious interest, there hasn’t been much movement on that front.

Health Stuff

I decided it was time to no longer be a mildly overweight 30 year old. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for a few weeks now and have decided to pin on CICO/macros to this as well.

(I think) there some change in my trunk area and waist already which feels great. I started this at 200 lbs and before I left for Canada on the 4th, I was at 196 lbs.

My goal is 175 lbs.

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